Fishing Park, Bungalows, and Restaurant. Farm Food Fishing Fun at Bueng Pai Farm in Pai, Thailand      
Catch A Pacu (from the piranha family)!

Fish From Your Veranda At Bueng Pai Farm

Golden Prized Carp (Rare Species)

Run Catching Snakehead In A Local Northern Thai Lake

True Fishing Story...

Fishing at Bueng Pai Farm

Calling All Fishermen... and Fisherwomen!

Fish right from your bungalow at Bueng Pai Farm!

Catch over 20 variety of fish including monster catfish, carp and larger predators, including: Redtail Catfish, Snakehead, Hampala Barb, Giant Featherback, and Alligator Gar. Always a fun filled day of fishing!

Want more fishing adventure? Take a guided tour with master angler Run to a local lake or dam!

The Big One... (That Didn't Get Away!)

Fish can swim but they can't hide forever!

Sleeping With The Fishes!

You'll need a good rest after battling this local Bueng Pai Farm monster (Alligator Gar)!

Fully Equipped Tackle Shop

Everything you need to fish... rods, reels, bait and we'll even give you a free lesson if you like.

Local Expert Fishing Guide

Want to experience the thrill of fishing with expert local guide (Run). We are happy to customize a fishing trip just for you!

Bueng Pai Lake - More Than 20 Species Waiting To Be Caught!

When They Bite They Really Bite!!!

We Recommend That You Don't Try To Eat The fish

Run's Guided Tours Include Spending The Night On A Floating Hut